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Thank you for considering using me to wash your vehicles for you at the comfort of your own home. I provide professional and courteous service and you should expect the same treatment be received by your beloved ride. Not ready to book right now? Keep me in mind for a later time. -Jason, owner

Did you know?

It is completely legal to wash your vehicles in your driveway in Tampa when there is no drought restriction. You are free to use your own water from your dwelling's tap water faucet as well as allow the water to flow into the sewage drain by the road. This water is treated before it is ever re-used, re-claimed, or released back into nearby rivers.

"Car washing, pressure washing and fountain operation may occur at any time as long as water is not being used in a wasteful or inefficient manner."

For more information from the City of Tampa, please feel free to read the official PDF document below:

Water Department of the City of Tampa Year-Round Water Use Restrictions Summary

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